Monday, November 9, 2009

Veteran's Day Update...

Pat & Debbie... just before their appointment at the SDA

Today we had our second appointment to look at children's files at the State Department of Adoption (SDA). They spent even more time with us then last time and let Zhenya go through several binders with us. So many children between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. Many younger children are being taken into foster homes, just like in the USA. We saw several girls that did not have any siblings and seemed very precious, but we held firm in wanting siblings. So after considerable deliberation we chose, two sisters... who recently turned 9 years and 12 years of age! We are quite sure they are small for their ages, so they'll seem and look more like 8 and 11 years old. So it was a BIG DAY. We feel like "veteran's..." veteran's in a "war" fighting to adopt two children! "Forward! Halt! Onward... Kneel & pray... Fight the good fight of Faith!"
And, all of you back home are lifting our arms and it all means alot to us both!

Good News! *There has been some news reports that the flu epidemic is lessening! Keep praying for God's mercy of healing to be poured out upon this country and that the political officials will reverse the ban and open the SDA and all the orphanages SOON! Yes and Amen! We cannot go and visit these two sisters until the ban is lifted! *Also, another praise report... Our church took up a generous collection of money to help us during this time. What a blessing because our trip is likely going to be weeks longer than anticipated. And, that is more time off without pay. SOooo, thanks to Covenant of Grace Church!