Monday, November 23, 2009

Two angels...

Every morning for the last three weeks, we've looked out our bedroom window, here in Kiev and saw these two angels. I thought that was soo sweet of the Lord to provide a fourth floor apartment with these cherabim's right outside our window. (I know that we're not adopting angels but, it was still fun to see these 2 littles statues.)
We leave tonite on the 10 PM train. We will arrive in Kotovsk at 4:00 AM. We have an appointment with the inspector at 8 AM. Then we will go to the orphanage and meet the girls! If they like us, then it is a GO and Zhenya will start all of the paperwork necessary to bring them home... birth certificates, court date, visa's, passports, etc... Of course we will like them... we already love them!