Friday, November 13, 2009

Is there a Dr. in the "HOUSE?"

Who remembers Dr. Gregory House, from TV series, House MD? The series debuted in 2004 and featured Dr. House, an arrogant, aloof medical genius/forensic specialist who was partly modeled after Sherlock Holmes. The actor's name is Hugh Laurie and he hails from... none other than... the UKRAINE! Yes, and many souvenir booth's offer bags and shirts with his face printed on the front. That's OK... we'll pass. (Season #1 just arrived to the Ukraine!)

Today we walked to a different church called St. Andrews. It is right next to the SDA. As you can see, the church is amazing in it's design and intricacies! (See side bar.) It is considered a baroque church and was built between 1747 -1754.

The location of the church is attributed to the place where the Apostle Andrew arrived and erected a cross and prophecied the future of a great Christian city. At that time the region was barely inhabited. Many believe his prediction became true because the city of Kiev eventually became the center of Eastern Orthodox faith.