Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Introducing... Alexandra Faith & Olya Isabella!!

There are no words... but we will try! Every tear, financial set-back or fear was washed away in a tidal wave of love and joy! God's presence was there from start to finish... it was 45 minutes of bliss! We greeted them with hugs and told them they were beautiful! Then we were ushered to a table and the girls sat in the middle and Pat sat on one end by Alexandra (nickname "Sasha") and Debbie sat next to Olya (pronounced Ohl-ya). We told them that we'd like them to meet our family and see our home back in the United States. Be began by introducing our sons and then showed them all the rooms of our house, including the room that may become THEIR BEDROOM!) Then we asked them about their favorite colors, foods, sports, etc... They love TOMATOES! Pat is psyched! Then we gave them dolls, a brown haired Bella doll for Sasha and a blonde, blue-eyed doll for Olya... blue eyes like her! We had fun unwrapping the packages and playing with each accessory. They braided and brushed the dolls hair and then Debbie and Sasha and Bella all took turns rocking the dolls! Too precious! Debbie started to clean up scraps from the presents and then Sasha insisted that SHE CLEAN UP! Beyond...beyond! The girls really seem to love/like each other, so that is good. Zhenya said that the girls knew right away they wanted to be adopted by us and today they called us Mama and Papa and signed paperwork testifying that they say, YES!

Final note to our sons - Tim I saw Olya, smile and point to your picture and giggle and say something to Sasha! Justin... all I can say is Makayla and Maggie need to scoot over! Jordan - you will never be the same! Jesse - hey buddy your gonna be a BIG brother and have a schoolmate cuz Sasha is in the 6th grade!

Thanks for all of your prayers back home! AND THANK YOU JESUS!