Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kissin' in Kiev

We had a wonderful "first night" in Kiev! Took a walk, bought fresh

bread and olive oil at a market. Bread was only $1 American and an

old sailor spontaneously helped us find what we were looking for. We've

"forced" ourselves to stay awake so we can go to bed "Ukrainian time."

All is well!


Four planes... Four letters!

We're here! We're really here... and let me tell you... Kiev is a beautiful city! We received VIP treatment when we arrived at the airport. Our representative, Zhenya had an associate waiting with a sign with our name and he took us to the head of the line at customs and we picked up ALL THREE OF OUR SUITCASES, (the luggage that hopped from one plane, to the other, to the other... right along with us. Thank you Lord!) Zhenya and his driver took us on a brief driving tour of Kiev and then on to our apartment (nice 1 bedroom w/ kitchen, bath and little wash machine - no dryer.) Zhenya has really taken to Patrick... he thinks he is hysterical! He called his colleague on the phone, she's going to give us a walking tour of the city tomorrow... Zhenya kept saying Pat is funny, Pat is so funny. He also said our job is to: 1.) Pray (you gotta love that) 2.) be happy 3. be open minded & patient.
I'd like to close with a quick tribute to our 4 sons back home. They each wrote us one letter. The letters were marked, "Plane 1" "Plane 2" etc... On each leg of our journey we opened a letter and our hearts were deeply touched by the prayers and encouragement of the boys. SOooo, thanks guyz! What a blessing to have something to look forward to on our long journey. In a small but very real way... all four of you came with us!
Love, Dad & Mom


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Momentum Builds...

-Last week we recieved a $3000 grant from SHOW HOPE, a Christian adoption ministry. We were thrilled and thankful for this blessing from above.

-Today we recieved "the call!" Building Blocks Adoption Services called to inform us that we have been invited to travel to the Ukraine. November 2nd we have a meeting in Kiev at the State Department. Praise the Lord!

-Tomorrow... book airline reservations and START PACKING!


"Sing to God, sing praises to his name;
lift up a song to him who rides through the
deserts; his name is the LORD; exult before
him! He is a Father to the fatherless and
protector of widows is God in his holy
habitation. God settles the solitary in a home."
~ Psalm 68: 4,5 & 6a


HisWorkCrew: Under Construction

Our earnest desire as a family is to adopt a sibling group from the Ukraine. We look forward to sharing our home, lives and heart with these children. The idea was birthed in Patrick's heart some 17 years ago when he was reading a FOCUS ON THE FAMILY magazine and the issue was presenting the need for foster-parenting and adoption. God so strongly moved on his heart that he couldn't even talk about it without crying. We started looking into fostering at that time. But, then Debbie got pregnant with son #3 and the dream took a place on the "back burner." Now 17 years later... our household has grown to four sons, we've moved to a bigger home with an in-law suite for Grandpa & Grandma and still some extra room for our adopted children!!

Although Patrick & Debbie will be the ones traveling to the Ukraine, this is a ministry desired by our WHOLE family. Tim, Justin, Jordan & Jesse look forward to the future family adventures that lie ahead for His NEW Work Crew!