Monday, November 30, 2009

Daily Visits to the Orphanage...

We're settling into a new routine here in Kotovsk. Our days start with something simple to eat... a banana, cup of coffee, piece of bread or poppy seed kuchen and then Debbie goes down to a mini-lounge area to have some quiet time by herself,allowing Pat time to pray alone in our small room. Afterwards, we reconvene and share any insights we've gleaned from prayer and/or the Bible. We pray for our time at the orphanage and our boys back home, etc... and then Yuri, the taxi driver picks us up for our daily visit with Sasha and Olee. Our visits are different every single time... but always sweet and blessed with laughter and learning. We start with "skola" (school) and bring picture books and teach some vocabulary and practice what we learn... "stand up" and "sit down." Today we introduced... happy, sad, hug and kiss! We've played card games, done puzzles, take pictures, play hide-and-seek, done simple math equations, given gifts and smiled till our cheeks ache! We've met and filmed and photographed many of their friends and have fallen in love with two of Sasha's girlfriends... both named Tonya. Today we started praying for "forever families" for these two cuties and we were both overcome with tears and deep emotion at the thought! Life is good!