Monday, November 9, 2009

Language learning...

Guess what these signs mean?

Pat is giving himself to studying the language... especially the written language. It helps as we walk about the city, the signs are starting to make more sense... since he's "cracked the code." SOooo, here's your first lesson:

Some Ukrainian consonants are the same as ours! Yeah! That's easy! For example: Our M, T and K are the same as theirs. Our "A, E, I and O" vowels are the same as theirs. BUT, they have some letters that look like our letters but "SAY" something different... their capital "B" says, "v" or "w" and their "P" says, "rrr." Plus, you have to memorize some completely new letters... like a circle with a line running thru the centor of the circle (see above) and that says, "f."

Question: Taking what you've learned so far... guess which sign reads, "Diplomat" and which one reads, "Cafe Bar??" Have fun!