Thursday, November 5, 2009

Culture notes...

Let's start by discussing food! Don't we all love that subject? Bread is big (and cheap!) We can walk to the market and get a loaf of fresh bread for 50 cents and an 8 in. roll of poppy seed pastry for 75 cents. The national soup is "BORSCH" made out of beets and beans, cabbage, onion and served with a small scoop of sour cream. We really like it! Not a lot of ice for drinks. Pierogies (called varenyky) can be filled with everything from mushrooms to cherries.

Their calendar starts on Monday and the two days off per week are Thursday and Sunday.

The hot water is on the right side of the spigot and they wear their wedding bands on the right hand. I guess they're right and we're wrong!

Winter dress: Fancy coats with big fur collars and knee high boots are a FASHION must for the women. There are so many fancy boot shops it's hard to imagine they keep them all busy. The men wear lots of black or navy... and you could sum up the men's style with words such as "functional" and "simple."

Transportation: Lots of electric cable cars and cars from all over the world. Pat loves seeing so many variety of cars... Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Romanian and lots of KIA'S! (boys... Dad got footage of a Kia Rio TAXI... front and back bumpers intact.) But, by far the most popular method of getting from point A to point B is walkin'!