Monday, November 2, 2009

The Appointment

Today we met with Zhenya and a psychologist that works for the State Dept
of Adoption. It was surreal... a meeting we have imagined many times. The
worker did not speak english. We were shown or discussed 3 or 4 sister sets
and several brother/sister sets of siblings that were available for adoption.
But, we were most drawn to a brother/sister combination. They look sweet,
truly orphaned and they are from down in southern Ukraine, near the sea!
We will take a train ride starting tonite at 9 PM. (Sleep is overrated, right!?)
We will meet them tomorrow, if all goes well. Please pray for THEM, as they
may refuse us and that has happened before. The sister just turned 11, her
brother is 7 yrs old.

(I'm at the post office right now. Connectivity can be an issue. Can't gaurantee
how often I can update the blog. Please Pray for that as well. I love blogging
and letting you all share this adventure with us!)