Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A few words from the "orphans" back at home...

OK, so I know everyone is expecting every blog to come with Ukrainian stamps on it, but not this time. This blog comes from nowhere else but Medina, Ohio! Yah, I know, the big news is with my parents and the girls... but here's something to hold you over...

Our experience without my parents can be culinarily described in one word- chicken. Yup, chicken. Lots of it, too. Ever since the memo went out that we don't want pig in our meals the poultry seems to fly in to our home all by itself. But it hasn't really... it's been delicately cooked and seasoned and personally given to us brothers and for that we say thank you! Particularly, thank you Mrs. Negi and Mrs. Turner for helping out an extra lot. We've been well fed! In fact, for the first, I don't know, fifteen days we didn't have to prepare a dinner at all! We either ate fresh homemade food or had the painstaking and unbearable duty of warming up leftovers! I hope you picked up on the sarcasm... life's been easy without our parents... culinarily speaking..

Maybe you laughed at the blog title, but I have felt, and perhaps all of my brothers have felt, like "orphans" lately. Olya (not a typo) and Sasha have had it much, MUCH harder, but I atleast feel like I can empathize with them, especially since our parents departure was over a month ago. I grow fonder of them even when I'm with them, but when I'm not....

So what has my experience been like, food aside? Let me tell you this... I miss their prayers and their wisdom. I just talked to my mom and dad a few hours ago and was amazed with the wisdom I've been missing. You see, lately the scary thought came to me. What if Olya or Sasha hug Jesse more than they hug me!!! Or what if they avoid talking or playing with one of us! It was so comforting to here my mom say what her and my dad had realized.... It's not about us! Yes, we'll love the laughter and games and the ability to learn together, but this whole mission is about showing the love of Christ. No matter what happens, if we show the love of Christ (who was rejected in his own town) even if/when they don't seem to show it back, we are still doing what He wants us to do! I take great comfort in my parents wisdom to dwell on the fact that is truly not about us. It's about two orphans being adopted into the Work family and shown the way to be adopted into God's.

We miss our parents a lot, yes, but we're comforted by knowing that they're safe and thriving physically, emotionally and spirtually. Thanks to everyone who's read the blog, prayed for my parents, given us meals, prayed for us, financially supported, hosted us, and blessed us with their well-wishes, hugs and love.

One month down, one month to go.

Love you all and God bless you!

- Jordan (semi-on-behalf-of-his-brothers)

P.S. - If you have a desire to feed us... we wouldn't mind a chicken-free dish.