Monday, December 21, 2009

ANOTHER WALL... Smashed, toppled and broken!

I'm smiling from ear-to-ear! God is good... I just got the call I've been waiting for... and the latest issue has been resolved! Remember the story of the "cold" Chief Judge who kept telling us to "come back?" Well, Pat and Zhenya went this morning and she said that soon she was leaving for vacation. And, if she couldn't get it done today, she'd let another judge do it tomorrow, Tuesday, December 22nd. But, Zhenya appealed to her and asked if she could please try to do it today. She said, "Come back at 2:00 PM!" (Noticing a pattern?) SOooo, they came back at 2:00 PM. To make a long story shorter... she ended up calling her superiors at the Court of Appeals and they told her that since our ADOPTION DECREE is a valid document and has an addendum dealing with the mispelled last name... THAT DOCUMENT TRUMPED THE OTHER ONE and we did not need to change the original court decree that took away parental rights from the birth parents. Zhenya gently pressed further and asked the Chief Judge to call the Birth Certificate Chief Officer and explain all of this. She called and the office was closed. Zhenya had the ladies home phone number! THE CHIEF JUDGE ACTUALLY AGREED TO CALL THIS WOMAN AT HOME AND SHE EXPLAINED EVERYTHING FOR US!! (There was NO bribing involved... the judge simply had a change-of-heart!! Then Zhenya and Pat hired a taxi, went to the home of the lady who is in charge of birth certificates, picked her up, took her to her CLOSED office and she made NEW birth certificates...TODAY! The girls now bear our NAME, it is completely official...orphans no more! Zhenya said he estimates that we are 90% of the way through the adoption process... social text numbers, Passports and Visa's left to go. (Interestingly, we applied to Building Blocks Adoption Services on December 31, 2008!) Tick...tick...tick...goes the trip-o-meter!