Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HisWorkCrew: Under Construction

Our earnest desire as a family is to adopt a sibling group from the Ukraine. We look forward to sharing our home, lives and heart with these children. The idea was birthed in Patrick's heart some 17 years ago when he was reading a FOCUS ON THE FAMILY magazine and the issue was presenting the need for foster-parenting and adoption. God so strongly moved on his heart that he couldn't even talk about it without crying. We started looking into fostering at that time. But, then Debbie got pregnant with son #3 and the dream took a place on the "back burner." Now 17 years later... our household has grown to four sons, we've moved to a bigger home with an in-law suite for Grandpa & Grandma and still some extra room for our adopted children!!

Although Patrick & Debbie will be the ones traveling to the Ukraine, this is a ministry desired by our WHOLE family. Tim, Justin, Jordan & Jesse look forward to the future family adventures that lie ahead for His NEW Work Crew!